During the short time he has lived in Melbourne, Arya has already performed with several ensembles, participated in music events and presented at conferences both in Melbourne and interstate. His interest in the connections between Western and Iranian flutes is not only academic; he regularly performs with established ensembles on both instruments. He is energetic, inventive and creative in his performances, and shows considerable entrepreneurial flair.

Having been actively involved in expanding musical boundaries, Arya established ‘Victorian Persian Arts Centre’ (VPAC) with the help of executive manager Navid Akami in 2009. VPAC is an artistic platform which has generated considerable interest among the Iranian citizens of Victoria. Experienced Iranian musicians both in Melbourne and intestate have become involved in VPAC in order to address the artistic and educational requirements of Iranian citizens in Australia. Among VPAC’s many collaborative musical-cultural endeavours with Victorian government and the Iranian Society of Victoria, ‘The Magic of Rumi’s Poetry’ recital stands out. This performance featured acclaimed Australian actress Helen Morse, Iranian scholar Dr. Zari Taheri and award-winning musician Arya BastaniNezhad at the State Library of Victoria.

As a member of Adoramus, Arya has performed with flutist Thomas Pinschofand guitarist Jochen Schubert. Together with cellist Rosanne Hunt, they have performed a broad range of music from J.S. Bach to Brian May and Hosein Alizadeh in both Melbourne and Ballarat.

Arya has been enthusiastically engaged in collaborating with distinguished Iranian composers RezaVali and Siavash Beizai since 2011. They will be the featured composers at forthcoming concerts for SHIRAZ and The New Ancient Songs in 2012 in Melbourne.

SHIRAZ was founded by Arya with the purpose of representing the spirit of rich Iranian regional music to both Iranians and non-Iranians residing in Australia. In Shiraz, Arya has been involved in collaborating with soprano Melika Tehrani-BastaniNezhad, Clarinettist Sandra Brown (former) and Karen Heath, and Pianist Irina Cherkasski.

In The New Ancient Songs, Arya will premier Zand for the Persian ney and string trio by Reza Vali. This event also features the world premier of the Three Romantic Songs, homage à Johannes Brahms, for violin and piano. Other pieces on the program will be Folk Songs (Set No. 9) for flute and cello, Four Persian Folk Songs for voice and piano, and Folk Songs (Set No. 11B) for flute/ney, violin, viola, violoncello, and Persian Suite for flute and piano. This fantastic event includes distinguished musicians Melika Tehrani-BastaniNezhad (soprano), Gudrun Beilharz and Australia’s leading string players Elizabeth Sellars (violin), Suying Aw (viola) and Rosanne Hunt (cello).

While studying for a PhD in Music Pedagogy, Arya has enjoyed collaborating with the most experienced flute pedagogues, Margaret Crawford and Thomas Pinschof in Melbourne. Arya has undertaken extensive research on lesser known aspects of flute pedagogy and its similarities to the Iranian classical ney.


Arya will be performing as a guest artist with Bridges Collective ensemble to be held in April 2012. Arya, Melika and pianist Brenne Wee will join together to produce music that is haunting the hearts. This will include Ommagio – based on the Shāhnāmeh, the national epic poem of Iran – by M.Hanāneh, and Persian folk songs by Vali and Beizai.

Arya is also planning a flute workshop entitled Exploring Italian Flute School together with outstanding flutist Luca Manghi, as a special visiting artist. This event will be supported by the Education Faculty at Monash University in September 2012. Also, there will be a joint performance recital by Arya and Luca which will be accompanied by pianist Katherine Shiell on 16 September held at Methodist Ladies College.