Refereed Articles and Conference Papers

  • Primal sound and its application in tone pedagogy of Western Classical flute;
  • The role of the performer’s centre of gravity in teaching Western flute and Iranian classical ney;
  • Root Tone: A holistic approach to Tone Pedagogy of Western Classical flute;
  • Finding balance through support in flute performance;
  • Automatic breathing and flute performance;
  • Meaning Through Breathing;
  • Iranian Classical Ney: pedagogy and performance
  • A critical study of change in Iranian music performance education, 1979-2010;
  • Acquiring Competence in Learning to Perform a New Piece: The Traditional Iranian and the Modern Lotfian Methods Compared;
  • A Historical overview of Iranian music pedagogy (1906-2010);
  • A critical study of the music pedagogy in post-revolutionary Iran (1979-2010): breaking down the boundaries between three musical methods?;
  • Exploring the Italian Flute School;
  • Australian understanding of Persian music;
  • Classical flute in Australia: Traditions and Pedagogies;